Labels2Learn: About The L2L Vision!
About Us The Company We intent to make a ding in the universe!
We are a for-profit, non-political cause media channel born out of two converging trends:
  • rising financial needs for schools (if parents and teachers want enrichment activities like STEM programs, athletics, drama, music and field trips, they have to raise the money themselves)
  • rising promotion costs for brand managers (to persuade an increasingly jaded consumer in a cluttered mediascape, they have to find new ways to engage moms with relevance and authenticity)

Schools now have the opportunity to earn more cash from many sponsors, while brands have the opportunity to earn the loyalty of many new customers.

100% of all donations are sent directly to schools. Schools pay zero - nothing - nada - to participate. L2L charges sponsors a marketing fee to participate in school promotion activities. We believe our win-win approach will become a sustainable cause media channel that benefits everyone.

Our Vision

We believe when you share a goal, the likelihood that it will be achieved is vastly improved. So here's ours: By December 2020, we want L2L to be directing one billion dollars in donations per year to pre-K through grade 12 schools. That's approximately 10 times more than is currently being generated by label redemption programs. Together, we can accomplish this goal – and in the process, we'll help businesses help schools without commercializing the classroom.

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