Labels2Learn: Questions and Answers
Questions and Answers
  • Are hassle-free label redemptions right for your school?
    Traditional label redemption programs are not for everyone. They involve great volumes of paper and cardboard and milk caps, plus clipping, sorting, counting and mailing. It's important work, but tedious. And because the process is such a hassle, the rewards are limited.

    We invite you to try earning manufacturers' donations by redeeming labels online. Try just one. See if it works for you – you will know right away. Tell us what you like or don't like about the process when you've seen your donation added to your school's total.

    Like you, we're committed to this important work, too – we just believe that less hassle means more money for schools.

    On behalf of all the kids that need your help to afford the necessities, niceties, and enrichment activities in their schools – thank you for your help!
  • Where can I find the Shopping List of products and retailers with Labels 2 Learn Cash Codes?
    Access the shopping list here: Shopping List
  • Can I print the Shopping List?
    Yes. It is printable by double-clicking the image to open it as a printable PDF file.
  • When will I have Labels 2 Learn products and retailers in my area?
    Not all participating products are available in all areas yet. But if you have a product or service label with a Cash Code please redeem it! Earn a donation for your favorite school!
  • When will the Labels 2 Learn program "officially" launch throughout the U.S.?
    October 1, 2013
  • Generally, yes. Some bar code scanners have been programmed to read only one type of bar code; these can often be programmed to read our codes, too.
  • How do I get a "cat scan" bar code reader?
  • What does the "cat scan" bar code reader cost?
    There is no charge.
  • How often does my school receive money?
    Every two weeks, provided the amount of the money earned totals at least $25.00.
  • Are there any restrictions or limitations on how my school can use the money its earned from the Labels 2 Learn program?
  • Does this program "commercialize" the classroom?
    We don't want it to. We believe classrooms should remain "advertising free zones." We also believe that teachers and students have more important things to do than sell stuff. Labels 2 Learn is a tool for parents and other consumers to use when they make purchase decisions, period.
  • Can't find the Cash Code?
    Look on the package for a label with an 8-character code. The 8-character code can be entered at

    School staff or volunteers may request a free scanner for the labels that parents send them by contacting Laura Korn at, or calling her at 952-224-5670.
  • What if I need help?
    We're sorry you having difficulty. Please call customer service at 952-224-5670 for assistance (8am to 5pm CST), or email
  • What if I have comments to share with you?
    Please call customer service at 952-224-5670 (8 am to 5 pm CST) or email Your feedback will be very helpful to us -- so please share your thoughts!
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