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See what else you can do to earn more donations.
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The Big Idea
Consumer brands are willing to support your school when you buy their products and services. When you promote these School Sponsors, they donate the money they save on advertising directly to your school. This is a win-win way to give back to the community and say, "Thank you for your business!"

Remember: The more Cash Codes you redeem from School Sponsors, the more donations you earn for your school.
Tips to boost participation
  1. Be sure the link to the L2L Shopping List is on your school's home page.

  2. Collect Cash Codes in the school office. Not everyone has the time or inclination to redeem Cash Codes online, so give them a drop box in the school office. Just ask, and we'll send you a Cat Scanner to scan the Cash Code bar code.

  3. Set a meaningful goal that most people agree is attainable and important. Then, make it visual with a poster, post cards (you can get a bunch of them inexpensively from many online printers), samples – whatever you can think of to bring the goal to life.

  4. Track your school's progress in a highly visible way. We have all seen those posters of thermometers in the lunchroom that you fill in as more money comes in – well, they work because it keeps the goal on everyone's mind. It doesn't take long before everyone is watching, shopping, redeeming – and counting!

  5. Get everyone involved, including your neighbors and relatives. Pass out copies of the L2L Shopping List to everyone you know! The Labels 2 Learn codes are easy to find on the packages, once you know what to look for. But people who do not have children in your school will not know what to do until you ask them to collect the codes for you. Don't be shy! And if they do not want to redeem the codes themselves (maybe they don't have a computer at home), you can do it for them.

  6. Make this a fun experience by celebrating the milestones along the way. One school we know of puts up a new number every day in the foyer so the kids and parents see it as they come in the building. After every $100 is raised, another goofy hat goes on a stuffed mascot sitting by the number – so the show gets better and better!
Download shopping list.
New Sponsors join us as their schedules and budgets permit.
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New Sponsors join us as their schedules and budgets permit.
To see the up-to-date list of participating products and
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Download shopping list.
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